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No Whey! Rice Protein Instead of Whey?

Protein, we all need the stuff. A person can get plenty of it from eating eggs, beef, fish, nuts and cheese. You can also get it from drinking milk and from the most popular form of powdered protein called, whey.

Whey Protein, it's Just So Popular!

Whey protein has been made famous by athletes, bodybuilders, people on diets and even by people who are simply on the go. Heck, I've seen Muscle Milk and Special K protein shakes in convenient stores.

The sad thing is that whey protein is touted as a protein that is just so great for the body. It's marketed as being so healthy for people, but, it's not or not always anyway!

Milk is for Babies...Unless You Just Want Fermented Gas in Your Colon...

See whey is derived from milk, and PLENTY of people have "allergies" to milk, or what is being called an "allergy". However, the truth is that most people just don't produce an enzyme called lactase. Humans stop producing lactase between ages of 2 and 5...and this really stinks (literally as you'll see) because lactase is responsible for breaking down lactose in the human body.

So, what happens to a person when they drink milk or consume products containing lactose but their body doesn't produce lactase? Well, the lactose or milk sugar, ends up in the colon fermenting producing gas and all sorts other stomach issues. From diarrhea to constipation to everything in between.

According to a USA Today article, milk tolerance is very closely related to your race and genetic makeup. For example, 5% of adult Asians can digest milk while 90% of Northern Europeans can digest milk; having said that, almost 60% of the world can NOT digest milk!

Milk is the Mucus Maker!

It's been known for years that milk creates mucus, and don't let anyone try to tell you different. Some studies say yes and others say no, but I think extenuating factors like genetics and race can account for different outcomes in studies. Additionally, many studies and personal testimonies (especially for asthmatics) have shown that milk does NOT do the body good!

My Personal Story of Milk, Mucus and...

You see, for years I've had sinusitis and problems breathing. I mean years! I've been put on inhalers, treated for bronchitis, given nebulizer treatments, woken up with a head full of snot. In short (if that's possible at this point) I've had a lifetime of mucus!...UNTIL, recently when a vegetarian friend said I should consider eliminating milk and milk products from my diet. At first I thought, "Huh?" (a very common thought of mine.)

I like to work out and go to the gym 4 to 5 times a week. I eat 5 to 6 small meals a day with sometimes 2 to 3 of those meals being whey protein shakes. I thought, how would I ever get enough protein without whey? Now, after my friend suggested that milk might be the problem I thought, "Well I do have major stomach issues EVERY SINGLE DAY and of course the breathing issues only seem to be getting worse...why not, I'll give it a shot."

Well, I think you know how this story goes, or do you? I quit consuming milk products and replaced my whey protein shakes with rice protein and it was almost immediately, within about 48 hours I noticed a significant difference in my sinuses, my wheezing and without a doubt my stomach issues.

After staying off of milk and milk products for about 3 weeks AND switching to rice protein, I had virtually NO allergies or stomach issues.

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